MS Office 2007 document compatibility

Many of HUB's reporting formats use the MS Office 2007 file format. Other formats, such as PDF or SPSS, are also provided but for many purposes MS Office formats are most appropriate.

Standard deliverables support both the older Office 97 format (e.g. .xls for Excel) and the newer Office 2007 format (.xlsx for Excel). The newer format is faster to generate, produces smaller files that are more efficient and has more features; e.g. no limitation on colour palette.

Customised or bespoke outputs - including Offline Dashboards and other automated content - can only be produced in the newer Office 2007 format. To read this format, you just need any one of the following:

Example document

Please download the example document below and try to open it. This is an Office document in the 2007 format, if you can open it successfully then you will be able to read all our deliverables.

Download example document...

If you cannot open the document, firstly check you are able to download it successfully. If you cannot download it, check with your network administrator in case downloading MS Office files from the Internet is blocked for security reasons.

If you can download the file, but cannot open it then please let your support team know you cannot currently open MS Office 2007 files.